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Culture can be viewed as a paramount aspect for managers to understand to be successful in a global market. In order for a manager to be able to advance their product, they must know their consumer, including the customs and culture for each buyer. This concept is highlighted in Ardalan's 2009 journal article, which examines four principles of globalization. 

These elements include principles of functionality and interpretative differences based on culture. He explains, "the global network of culture is the most powerful social and political force in the world" (Ardalan, 2009) The main reason why culture directly influences globalization is because a manager must be able to understand and respect a foreign consumer's traditions. Important religious holidays and customs must be understood and accounted for by managers in a global market to ensure consumer satisfaction. 

DQ: 2 

Communication across cultures can be a very difficult task to accomplish for a multitude of reasons; but is also becoming increasingly simplified through improving technology. Beginning with the struggles of communication across cultures, the problematic first element comes from heritage differences combined with language barriers. Found within an interesting journal article, Weiss proclaims businesses "to be more effective in international business, must attempt to be culture free and culture fair" (Weiss, 1998, pg. 253) This can be viewed as a difficult task to maintain, especially being culture free. According to this statement, corporations will have to hinder their culture in order to present a globally neutral identity that would be universally appealing. 

Focusing on the positive aspects of new age global communication across culture, new tools such as the Internet have been able to bring companies together. The restriction of time zones is being washed away when businesses, anywhere in the world, have access to each other instantaneously. This can be seen as beneficial because of accessibility to each other has immensely developed. These ideas support the importance and developing aspects of communication across culture. 


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Reference no: EM13782304

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