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 The outline is a crucial component of the speech planning process. By Tuesday, September 22, 2015, write a full sentence outline for your career path or professional goals informative speech. An example of an informative speech topic on communication and career would be 3 major classes one has to take to become a Pharm Tech, or...3 degrees that one needs to be an RN. My degree program is Business Administration/Management, I have a serious interest in the field of Age Management, but I would have to form a partnership with a doctor for this. I also have an interest in Sports Management. 
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Below is an example of the outline needed for this assignment.

General Purpose:
Specific Purpose: 

Part I: Visual Aids
Ways in which they inform the audience:
Ways in which they label information:
Details or cluttering:
Use of white space and color:
Use of type face/size:

Part II: Speech Introduction
I. (Attention-getting statement):
II. (Establish credibility):
III. (Relevancy statement) :
IV. (Central idea):
I. (First main point)
II. (Second main point)


III. (Third main point)


Part III: Conclusion
I. (Summary of main points)
II. (Memorable closing statement)

Part IV: References

You are required to have at least three sources in your outline. Two of these sources must come from the South University Online library. Use APA citations.

Assignment 3 Grading Criteria 
Maximum Points
In the outline, included the title, general purpose, and specific purpose of a speech related to career field or professional goals.20
In the outline, included the attention-getting statement, credibility, relevancy, and central idea of the speech.20
In the outline, included the three main points related to a career field or professional goals and all appropriate supporting information and details for the body of the speech.20
In the outline, included in the conclusion the summary of the main points and a memorable closing statement.15
Cited at least three sources, two of which were from the South University Online Library.15
Presented a structured document free of spelling and grammatical errors and properly cited sources using APA format. 

Reference no: EM13840463

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