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Discuss the individual contributions that could be made by a cross-functional team to the following list of activities. Assume the team consists of engineering, manufacturing, and supply management personnel.

a. Specifications Development

b. Market Analysis

c. Productivity/cost improvements

d. Make or buy analysis

e. Determination of inventory levels

To kick this off let me say that being able to effectively participate and lead cross functional teams is critical to effectively implementing supply chain management. Cross functional equates to diversity meaning that you have individuals with different skill sets and motivations (based on their respective organizations). Harnessing this expertise and working through the natural barriers that exist is truly a challenge that requires effort to achieve the desired end state...that is to resolve issues and problems and/or to deliver viable alternative solutions.

The forum question reflects this diversity placing it in the context of specific teams and actions. Your initial post should be at least 250 words.

Reference no: EM13810139

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