Cross-cultural opportunities and conflicts in canada
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Short Paper on  Cross-cultural Opportunities and Conflicts in Canada (5 full pages - 6 full pages of text), We do not want a paper describing the problem. We want an analysis that focuses on the conflicts between divergent cultures, individualism, collective rights, productive workplaces, creative and smoothly operating workplaces, and opportunities to incorporate foreign people.

Topic:  Cross-cultural Opportunities and Conflicts in Canada

2. Think about the following questions before you compose an essay. These questions are intended to put the student into the problem milieu.

a. Who are the stakeholders?  That is, identify the different groups of people whom are affected by choices in this instance.  Also, include in your analysis how many different ways different groups of people are affected. 

b. How does a large company build its internal culture?  How much give and take with the external cultures of diverse people is there likely to be? Why is a firm’s culture important?

c. How does cultural change take place?  Is it through leadership? Only through evolution? Through increased regulation and government monitoring?  Through a change in the way managers think?  Explain. 

3. Develop a thesis statement.

a. Sketch out your argument so that you can support your thesis statement.

b. What criticisms of your argument can you anticipate?  Imbed your defense within the essay.

4. Rewrite the paper for logical flow.

5. Proof and rewrite the paper for language and grammar.

6. Make sure that all ideas and facts are cited.  APA (6th ed.)  is the preferred reference style.

7. Make sure that all phrases, sentences, and paragraphs that use the words of others are set off with quotation marks or if paraphrasing include the citation as appropriate.

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