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Critique a Marketing Research proposal and write a new proposal research paper/ essay on a Qualitative Analysis of Trojan Brand Belief Dynamics New Product &Marketing Strategy Study that includes, background, study objectives research procedure, dynamic belief, design and population and sample, data collection and analysis, calendar, investment, quantitative phase and monitoring … Also Answer this questions: What is the problem to be explored? Is the problem well defined? Why do you say that? Does the problem as described, address a marketing failure to meet objectives OR, an opportunity? Why do you say that? What symptoms of the problem are addressed? What are the specific research objectives? Discuss whether they are precise, detailed, clear and operational. Can the objective(s) be improved? If “Yes” rewrite them so they are. Are the Objectives closely related to the Problem? Why/Why not? What construct is to be measured? What population is the target of the study? What unit of measurement is to be employed? Is an action standard indicated? What is that standard? Are they stated clearly and explicitly? Basis the problem and the research objectives, is this a situation where marketing research can provide information leading to a solution? Why do you say that? Are the research procedures appropriate? Are the research methods described in sufficient detail? How and where would you elaborate the Research Procedures section? Why? Why may it be counter-productive to be too detailed? Is the time line and proposed budget sufficiently detailed? Why do you say that? How either or both could, be improved? Rewrite the proposal element(s) you consider to be less than adequate

Reference no: EM131039359

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