Critically evaluate the importance of individual motivation

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Module Assessment 2- Part 1

Assessment: Academic Essay

Word limit: 2,500 words.

The Assessment Exercise:

At second diet, Students are required to write their academic essay on the following question:

• Critically evaluate the importance of one of the following within contemporary organizations:

o Individual motivation

o Leadership

o Managing change

Indicative Answer:

An answer to this question should demonstrate the following:

• A clear understanding of the nature and academic dimensions of the chosen topic

• A clear understanding of the importance of the chosen topic to contemporary organizations

• An ability to support arguments through the use of appropriate organizational examples

• A critical engagement with an appropriate body of academic literature

• An ability to present a coherent, well written and properly formatted essay in answer to the question, appropriate to the level of study

Module Assessment 2- Part 2:

Assessment: Individual Presentation

The Assessment Exercise:

At second diet, the presentation element of the module assessment will be an individual presentation. This should be a PowerPoint presentation, consisting of around 10 slides:

• One title slides, configured as follows:

• Around seven substantive slides

• One Summary slide, which provides the main conclusions of the presentation

• One slide containing a list of references employed in the production and presentation of the work

The presentation should make use of the Notes Facility in PowerPoint to provide the commentary associated with each slide. These notes will replace the normal verbal presentation. The commentary in total should be around 1,000 words in length.

Reference no: EM13850092

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