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Critically evaluate the CSR reporting by the company coco cola amatil to identify the primary and secondary stakeholders of this company and discuss whether this company has used managerial or ethical branch of stakeholder theory?

Hint: You cannot simply describe the CSR activities of this company. You would need to argue whether you believe these CSR disclosures are sufficient to cover informational needs of all stakeholders and have they even identified all the stakeholders. You need to do some extended personal research and self-directed learning in order to complete this assignment and fully explain your perspective. You are required to use at least 1 peerreviewed research papers, and other reliable sources of literature. You can visit the website (including annual and any CSR/sustainability reports) for the coco cola amatil company.

You must submit the link to all relevant annual reports and also reference the page number in the written assignment. Follow the APA style guidelines for referencing and include page numbers for all relevant reports.

Word count 700 words

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This is a 700 word assignment which talks about the corporate responsibility of the Coca cola company and the involvement of its stakeholders. This work is written on Microsoft word file and carries incite references. APA style of referencing is followed in this work.

Reference no: EM131041125

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