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I was wondering if you could help me again?  I liked what you did before.  I have set the price at a minimum so that you can adjust it, but i only have $30, its not as much work as before.  I need to try and explain:

My essay question is:  "Critically discuss to what extent Porter's Diamond Model is a useful concept in explaining home and host location strategies of international business using two case studies"

So, you know the work you did, I used those notes, and I rewrote it using my two real case studies and I researched those and got my own references.  If I upload my work to you on here, it would then be on the internet?  So when I hand it in next week, I would plagarise myself?  Or can I upload the file and show you, I am not sure?

Anyway, what I am looking for, is literally 2 lines or so, per each facter, so 12 factors (two cases) and 2 lines each is 24 lines, so we could say 24-30 lines in total? I am not sure how to critically asses the model against the case studies in those facters, my professor is quite strict lol, I think she wants me to say something like "the model could be considered useful because of X, having said that, a disadvantage of the diamond here is X" and that is the two lines I am looking for per factor.  

I know the model has critiques and is vague, so the other side of the arguement could be a crituque, if you search in google images porters diamond critique it has a list of them, maybe using that list is good? I have attached it now.

If you say its ok to upload my work to you without plagarising myself next week, you can see the two cases and sort of what I have done with it, what you did before was perfect as now I have applied the model to the cases and now I need a finishing sentence on them all as as actual critique of the model using the cases and if the model was useful when applying to the cases, in order to answer the actual essay question.

If you are ok to do that, I would really appreciate your help again

Thank you



• Many theories from different scientists, theorists, institutions have been presented since the introduction Porter's Cluster Diamond Model; each presents its own benefits TI Porter sees clusters from micro-economic perspective (how firms benefit) TI Does not reveal whole picture of cluster benefits (micro & macro economics, social science, economic geography) T1 Vague boundaries & limitations; unanswered questions t No general agreement of what exactly qualifies as a cluster Ti Opinions on clusters' stated benefits vary a lot/not homogeneous 

TI "Not a model but a mere way of thinking" concerning national economy '1 Model gets older & leaves gaps to fill (19 year old theory/framework) Ti Internet & its dynamics has caused the rules of competition to change 

I Focuses more on existence of elements • but lacks an in-depth analysis of the processes or behaviors that make the elements work together to produce synergy 73 Provides the who, how & why of cluster performance • but is it enough to allow cluster developers & policy makers to ensure that the anticipated synergy materializes? 73 Does the CDF need supplementary factors added to model in order to better suit the dynamic business world of today? 

Reference no: EM13892584

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