Critically discuss the likely impact of emerging trends

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Consider the future of the industry where you are currently employed and based on your reading and research you are required to identify and critically discuss the likely impact of emerging trend(s) and/or issue(s) on the future of the operations function within your organisation. If you are unemployed, at present, you may select an organisation where you were previously employed.

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Reference no: EM13711118

Which firm would you choose

In test trials, one firm had a mean repair time of 74 minutes with a standard deviation of 4.0 minutes and the other firm had a mean repair time of 72 minutes with a standar

Find the reorder point

The annual demand for a product is 14,200 units. The weekly demand is 273 units with a standard deviation of 95 units. The cost to place an order is $32.00, and the time from

Search of the vehicle even though a passenger objects

Can the driver of a motor vehicle consent to a search of the vehicle even though a passenger objects? Does it matter if the item police wish to search belongs to the driver (a

Prepare prior to a job interview

What questions about salary should you prepare prior to a job interview? Which of the following is an appropriate guideline for dressing and grooming in preparation for a job

Explain how many dvds should blockbuster order

Explain how many DVDs should Blockbuster order. Illustrate what is its expected profit. Illustrate what is the profit that the studio makes given Blockbuster's actions.

Traditional and non-traditional factory physics methods

Due to your lean coursework in both "traditional" and "non-traditional" Factory Physics methods, upper management believes you have the skills and would be the best person to

Act in the best interests of the other shareholders

As a board member and officer, Mr. Zuckerberg owes a fiduciary duty to our stockholders and must act in good faith in a manner he reasonably believes to be in the best interes

Select best answer and give a two-to-three sentence

Jones comes to you to consult about his options in this whole affair. He wants to sue for $575,000 to recover on the medical expenses; the cost of the trip (which, with the


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