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Critically discuss the KM tools and KM techniques applied in the case organization. Discuss the outcomes of the implementation and compare this against one (only) of the KM Models presented in lecture 3.

Evaluation will be based on your argument, completeness, appropriateness, justification and critical analysis.

Note that your grade will also depend on how professionally your paper has been structured, formatted and presented. An abstract of the report should be included.


The report will comprise:

o A brief introduction

o a review of relevant literature on the theme you have selected

o a review of the KMS o a critical discussion o a conclusion and

o a list of references

• The report should be 2000 words (word-processed in 1.5 spacing, 12- point, Times New Roman).

• All quoted material should be fully cited APA 6th. or Harvard style

• All ideas from other authors should be fully cited using APA 6th. or Harvard style

• Assignments that do not conform to all requirements will be awarded a mark of zero.

• Assignments not received by the due date will not be marked, except in exceptional circumstances where approval has been received prior to the due date from the unit coordinator.

• Accuracy in spelling, syntax, citation and referencing is strictly essential.

It is the responsibility of all students to ensure that they are aware of relevant academic requirements (e.g., accurate and correct referencing), and to seek assistance from staff where required. The following link provides relevant information about plagiarism, academic misconduct, and penalties that may apply:

Student who copy or use another persons' work without citations, will be heavily penalised and may fail.

Reference no: EM13837420

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