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Case Study: Lucy Liu HISTORY

Lucy Liu is 19yrs old. She is at university and lives alone in student accommodation.

She has no close relatives living in Australia. Lucy likes to socialise with her friends on a Friday night. She reports that she "sometimes drinks too much alcohol" and takes "party drugs". She has a part-time job, 3 evenings a week, at a supermarket restocking shelves.

Lucy presented to the emergency department (ED) with acute appendicitis. Her symptoms included severe nausea and vomiting, severe pain, tenderness and guarding in the right lower quadrant of her abdomen and a temperature of 38.9oC. She was transferred to the operating theatre and underwent an emergency laparoscopic appendicectomy.

After 2 hours in the post-anaesthetic recovery room (PARU) and an uneventful recovery, Lucy was transferred to the ward, where you have been allocated to her care.


On return to the ward Lucy's observations are as follows:

  • Pain 8/10
  • Respirations 26
  • BP 90/50
  • Pulse 130
  • Temperature remains 38.9oC.

It is planned for Lucy to be discharged two days post-operatively.

Questions to be addressed - In relation to Lucy Liu:

Discuss the factors that may have contributed to the patient's presenting episodic health alteration.

Critically discuss appropriate nursing management of the patient during this episodic health alteration.

Explain the role(s) of the key member(s) of the interdisciplinary health care team that you would involve in the care of your patient, and provide justification for their involvement.

Attachment:- Assignment

Reference no: EM131442651

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There is a comprehensive introduction that outlines the topic, and contextualises and profiles the aim, content and the sequence of the essay. The writing is highly organised, consistently and accurately matching the outline and sequencing presented in the introductory paragraph. All paragraphs are constructed in a logical manner with clear linking sentences, so that content flows from one paragraph to the next. There is a concluding paragraph which clearly restates the topic, provides a summary which connects all of the key points, and presents an overall clear and rationale conclusion. There are no errors with grammar, spelling and punctuation, and the meaning is completely discernible. Accurate use of APA referencing style in the submission and the reference list on all occasions. References in the submission and reference list match at all times. A range of in-text citation styles has been used.


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A highly focused discussion is presented, demonstrating strong critical thinking and reasoning skills: knowledge, understanding, application, analysis, synthesis & evaluation. Comprehensive prioritisation of health deterioration & interventions is demonstrated in all instances. Strong and clear rationales are provided to support all arguments. All arguments and rationales within the discussion supported by high quality literature; including original research, systematic reviews & current journal articles.


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All content is fully relevant to the chosen case study and clearly and comprehensively addresses the questions posed. The underlying pathology of the factors that have contributed to the patient’s health deterioration is discussed in comprehensive detail. All appropriate nursing interventions with justifiable rationales are clearly and thoroughly detailed. There is thorough identification and valid justification for the involvement of all key MDT members. There is comprehensive evidence of both depth and breadth of reading relating to the case study patient's pre-existing medical condition, surgical procedure and care in the acute setting.

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