Critically discuss and analyze the preventive approaches

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(a) Tourism industry was once seen as activities with few, if any negative effects. However, its rapid development into one of the world's most important industrial sectors has brought significant negative impacts on the social and environmental aspects of the communities where it has been developed

Using relevant and appropriate examples to illustrate your answer critically discuss and analyze the negative socio-cultural and environmental impacts of tourism development

(b) The term sustainable tourism has come to represent and encompass a set of principles, policy prescriptions and management methods. Consequently, the principles of sustainable tourism development appear to have been established. Critically appraise the concept of sustainable tourism development and discuss the principles of STD


Ecotourism has become the new keyword in the vocabulary of the tourism industry and the highlight of several tourism conventions and conferences. Yet, there is tremendous confusion about what the term actually means subjecting ecotourism to widespread criticism

Critically analyze the above statement using relevant examples to support your answer


Mass tourism has recently been recognized within the tourism literature as potentially being capable of more responsible activities and able to integrate sustainability principles (Budeanu, 2005)

Critically discuss and analyze the preventive approaches tour operators may undertake to achieve the above


The concept of alternative tourism has received considerable attention in the literature since 1980 and has emerged as an antithesis to conventional mass tourism which has endured sustained criticism over the past years

Critically discuss and analyze how alternative forms of tourism can contribute to a more sustainable tourism industry. Use relevant examples to support your arguments


Reference no: EM133862

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