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The Apple Case.

Additional instructions for the assignment which I forgot to include in the materials:

"Be sure to research current sources and to update the information found in Baltzan as you prepare your analysis. Further, you are asked to look for evidence whether Apple uses the current ISM techniques named in the assignment - "CRM', "Data Mining", "ERP", etc.

A succinct meaningful, results filled, Executive Summary is expected. You should take pains to clearly establish the purpose of your analysis in your Executive Summary and in the analysis itself. In general, the purpose of any business case analysis is to draw appropriate lessons learned."

 Note: The Apple case is excerpt from a book by Baltzan & Phillips (2010)

chapter 1 - BUSINESS DRIVEN MIS. References for allsources used to update the work is required.


TASK: Critically Analyze the APPLE CASE found in Baltzan & Phillips -

Chapter 1 - reproduced below.

Objective: Assess the uses of information systems in support of managerial decision making in an organization.

Competencies / Themes in focus:
Critical thinking, Information literacy, Globalization, Innovation, Leadership, Technology, Ethics and Legal concepts.

Assignment: Critically analyze the Apple Case (reproduced below).
In particular, update the research information by new research to include Apple's other product lines and decide the lessons that have been learned for information systems managers, in a succinct report that includes an Executive Summary.

Research for evidence, if any, that Apple uses any of the following in its business activities: "business intelligence", "enterprise resource planning (ERP)", "customer resource management (CRM)", "data mining" and "intelligent systems"
and document the results in the report. Formulate and then:
1. Address useful questions designed to extract the lessons in the Apple case. You may start with the questions found with the case, but you should not stop with them.
Questions may be cast in terms of lessons useful to your organization, to society or in some other context that you should define.
2. Present evidence whether Apple uses any of the topics named above, such as, "data mining", "CRM", "ERP", etc.
3. Be succinct as your readership will likely be busy with other things and can devote only a limited time to reading your ideas, no matter how good they are. Here you might think about 3- 5 page analysis (including the Executive Summary), which includes the updating that you must provide.

Attachment:- Week 8 - The Apple Case.rar

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