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Details of the Assignment

Prepare a report that:

i) critically analyses the challenges that global organisations may encounter in operating a performance management programme across all of their operations

ii) critically evaluateshow these challenges might be addressed.

Work should be underpinned by theory, examples and supported by extensive references. Students should use the readings and many web sources provided as well as the material to which reference has been made in the lectures. Your own supported synthesis and interpretation should be offered.

Key Skills to be practised / assessed

This assessment assesses how well you can do the following (as outlined in the module specification):

- Enhance and apply planning, organising, decision-making and time management skills appropriate for use in an organisational context.
- Experiment and develop personal initiative and responsibility in undertaking complex investigations in the solving of organisational problems and issues.
- Critically analyse and apply key ideas and concepts via comprehensive research relevant both to the subject area and to professional practice in the field.
- Use terminology associated with the subject area accurately and in a way, which demonstrates sophisticated knowledge and understanding.
- Develop and enhance both individually and collaboratively effective written and oralcommunication skills for both specialist and non-specialist audiences.

Assessment criteria Your assessment will be assessed according to these criteria which are reflected in the Assessment Feedback Sheet:

- Degree of knowledge and understanding of the module subject
- Ability to develop an argument which is clearly justified and relevant to the particular circumstances of the situation under consideration
- Ability to develop an argument which is well structured
- Breadth and depth of reading from the relevant academic literature
- Ability to critically synthesise and apply relevant theories and concepts from a range of sources
- Ability to apply the Harvard referencing system in the correct manner
- Ability to collect and analyse relevant data
- Ability to identify and evaluate a range of strategic options relevant to the particular circumstances of the situation under consideration
- Degree of originality in generating relevant and justified solutions to the business problem under consideration
- Professionalism of presentation
- Ability to manage time to submit by the deadline
- Academic good conduct

Verified Expert

This assignment is prepared as the requirements with the notion of global organization in international performance management. The issues have been identified and the resolution has been provided. The solution comprises of harvard referencing as required. Latest and relevant references have been added and the solution incorporated introduction and conclusion of the concern.

Reference no: EM131313278

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People Management - Full assignment report from introduction to conclusion and recommendations and references - No of Pages/Words - 3000 words On this assignment all your work must be your own. Presenting as one's own the words, ideas, or expression of another in any form is cheating (plagiarism). If you are unsure what constitutes plagiarism, detailed guidelines on how to avoid it can be found at Plagiarism will not be tolerated and ignorance will not be excused. Students found plagiarising may be excluded from the University.

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