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To promote an understanding of key commercial management underpinning projects environment and to understand how commercial integrity will ensure the likelihood of project and project management success

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of the module learners are expected to (be able to):

1. Critically analyse the key commercial issues involved in the management of projects.

2. Critically appraise the business environment, finance, procurement integrity, contract management, disputes and legal frameworks within the project environment.

3. Establish the Project's Supply Chain and evaluate the commercial integrity.

You can make all necessary and realistic assumptions and MUST include all of these following caveats below:

Note: Project here refers to any of the initiatives proposed above within the capacity development.

- How much funds you would want to ask A2ZPMTC's Steering Group for this new Initiative/project (capacity development).

- Required capital assets and resources - e.g., Capital Expenditures, Operational Expenditures and other Financial Expenditures

- Types of Industry and Customers you want to consolidate and position in this new market

- Identify this project's stakeholders (all project partners). You need to briefly establish the role and responsibilities of each of these stakeholders, communication plan and their contribution (effort) to this project. You need to produce a stakeholder's analysis grid, communication plan and responsibility assignment matrix.

- Construct this project's life cycle diagram and identify specific phase, activities, stages, deliverables, issues and challenges at each of this project phases (you can either produce high-level or detailed level project life cycle diagram for this mega-project). You can map/chart the issues and challenges, scenarios and exposures after scanning the project's internal and external environment.

- Have adequate market research is undertaken to ascertain the viability of this project in short term, medium term and long term? You may want to carry out a project business environment appraisal.

Your Task: To Prepare a Report considering the financial and economic scenarios, contractual, legal obligations and exposures of this capacity development (Project) and advise the A2ZPMTC's steering committee of this Project's viability (feasibility).

The A2ZPMTC's steering committee wants to know potential financial, procurement, contractual, supply chain management and legal scenarios and exposures including any commercial oversights. You would need to convince the A2ZPMTC's steering committee of this Project's viability financially, contractually and legally.

You would need to assume that your career progression and future with A2ZPMTC is dependent upon this Project's successful expansion bringing in the required profit, benefit and value.

You can assume yourself as the Capability Lead (your role) when reporting back to the A2ZPMTC's steering committee.

The membership of this A2ZPMTC's steering committee is composed from senior and executive management. The remit of A2ZPMTC's is either to finally approve or reject the proposal.

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Reference no: EM13729516

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