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The average price of a car wash is $5.00. A sample of six car washes averaged $5.70 and had a sample standard deviation of $1.30. Assuming a normal population, use the critical value method to test the claim at a= 0.05.

Reference no: EM1395667

Calculate the mean and the standard deviation

When the machine is functioning correctly the company expects a mean of 10.00 mm and a standard deviation of 0.05 mm. The machine is overhauled when the variability (i.e. th

Write the desired probability in a given format

Write the desired probability in a format such as P(X = 10) and specify n and p. Do not actually compute the desired probability. If you cannot specify a numerical value for

Construct a tree diagram to display

A Firm has two photocopying machines. The old one is available for use 80% of the time and the new one is available for use 91% of the time. The machine availabilities are i

Are the data consistent with the model

Iindependently of one another. Two hundred seeds of such a cross are raised, and 142 turn out to be blue-flowering. Are the data consistent with the model?

Implementation of closed-loop amplifiers

Find the ft required for internally compensated op amps to be used in the implementation of closed-loop amplifiers with the following nominal dc gains and 3-dB bandwidths:

Logarithmic functions-earthquakes and richter scale

The intensity level of an earthquake is based on the Richter scale. Using logarithms, the Richter scale measures an earthquake relative to (as a ratio of) the weakest possib

Business analytics implementation plan

In learning about BA, you have covered quite a few topics from the manager's decision-making process to technology integration. The best way to pull all of this knowledge to

State hypotheses and give rank sum w for highprogress reader

Carry out the Wilcoxon rank sum test. State hypotheses and give the rank sum W for high-progress readers, its P-value, and your conclusion. Do the t and Wilcoxon tests lead


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