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Part A:

For this assessment you are required to select and have approved by you lecturer an article from a reputable, referenced, industry or academic journal or presentation which relates how an AIS incorporates into an SME. You are to undertake a critical review of this article and should refere to the document "How to Write a Critical Article Review" for the structure of the review.

Your essay should be centered on a single article which you believe is particularly significant (it should be very high quality). As well as reviewing the article, you must also argue why and how the article has impacted on the use of ICT in Accounting and/or Business more generally.

You will be required to use preferred referencing for the reviews which should include a complete Bibliography. Quoted material and Bibliography will not be included in word count.

The review is to be approximately 2,000 words long.

The article is not to be any older than December 2015 and could be covering any of the technical, operational, strategic or management aspects of organisational structure.

The article MUST be approved by your lecturer BEFORE you begin and your lecturer will only allow 1 person to undertake any single article.


The paper you choose should ideally:
- be from a recognised, peer reviewed academic or industry journal
- be either recent (published last 3 years) or a seminal article
- provide evidence to support its arguments

As a minimum, and in no particular order:
- referencing (Harvard style is required)
- introduction to your essay
- explanation of where your paper fits in the field (through reference to other articles - web and journal).
- an explanation of why the article is important.
- discussion of limitations of the findings of the article
- whether or not you believe the article's conclusions are "believable". If it is an older article your critique the evidence of "believability" will be whether or not the predictions were correct!

Part B:
Assignments 2 & 3 will be group assessments with individual components and relate to a business study which requires a new integrated information system to be designed and implemented by your Group.

This will be treated as a project with your group assigned as the development team. As with all projects we will need to undertake a Feasibility Study to determine if the project should proceed. Your task is to write a short report regarding the structure and uses of Feasibility reports and their importance to Good Project Management.


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This paper is a critical review of the article J.N., T. and M. Edwin, A. (2016). Effect of ICT on Accounting Information System and Organizational Performance. In this paper explanation of why the article is important as well as discussion of any limitations of the findings of the article is done in this study.

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