Critical issues in the modern criminal justice

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Task Type: Individual Project Deliverable Length:6-9 pages

In last week's Individual Project you selected 1 of the 2 topics that you surmised were critical issues in the modern criminal justice system. The topics were to come from issues, problems, and policies in law enforcement, corrections, or the court system. Consider that you are working toward a final capstone project position paper, and research and analyze your second topic.

Tip: If your second topic is somehow related to your first topic, then you will be ahead of the game. By selecting integrated topics, you may ultimately combine your position papers into a document that will be part of your capstone final project.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Address the following in a literature review of 4-6 pages:

    • What second topic have you selected for this assignment? Explain.

    • How did you select the topic that you are researching? Explain.

    • Now, select 10-15 scholarly sources, and conduct a literature review for this second topic.

  • Address the following in 2-3 pages:

    • Why is this topic important to the criminal justice system and the citizens of the United States? Explain.

    • What are the various topic issues, problems, or policies associated with your selected topic? Explain in detail.

      • What do you propose as the changes to these topic issues, problems, and policies? Explain in detail.

      • Defend your changes with articulated support from legitimate peer-reviewed reference sources. This is absolutely critical for your paper to be taken seriously.

  • Tip: The defense of your paper cannot be stressed enough. You must take care to support factual statements with valid reference material.

    • Use the criticism of the instructor in this course for this paper as a guide toward a rewrite if necessary to make your final capstone project a major success.

    • Remember not to take it personally when you are criticized in terms of modifications to the paper.

  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

Reference no: EM13919239

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