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Critical Essay,

 Choose an issue in professional ethics that pertains either to professionals generally or to a particular type of professional.

  • Write a critical essay aiming to resolve the issue you pose by following "A Strategy for Understanding, Developing, and Presenting Moral Arguments" 

1)      What, precisely, is the moral issue

I have chosen the topic : should blood products refusal by Jehovah's witness be allowed/ accepted?

2)what are the possible answers to the issue as stated?

3) what considerations should be brought to bear on the issue's possible answers, and what judgements about those answers follow from these considerations?

-Analysis: for example first answer: yes they should be allowed. Discuss the pros/cons..up-side / down/side

Second answer: no they should not. Discuss the pros/cons. Up-side/ down-side

Then explain which answer is the best resolution for this ethical issue from an ethical point of view.

-analyzing an issue in professional ethics requires that all important facts and values are taken into consideration and weighed.

-Whereas factual considerations make plain the facts that are relevant to analyzing a moral issue, i.e., the actual and projected realitiesthat should be considered, ethically evaluative considerations make plain the ethical values and principles that are relevant. For each proposed answer, what ethical values and principles would it uphold, and how? What ethical values and principles would it violate or neglect, and how? For example, a socialized healthcare system, as opposed to a privatized healthcare system, is thought to uphold the value of equality, but at the expense of the value of freedom, at least to some degree. On the other hand, it may be argued that a privatized system maximally upholds individual freedom at the expense of equality. Determining which of the proposed answers to an issue question is morally best crucially depends on an analysis of the moral 'pros' and 'cons' of each answer and, importantly, on an analysis of how these sets of pros and cons stack up against one another. When the answers are considered in light of the moral values and principles that they uphold and neglect, comparing the overall results informs a final conclusion about which answer is best. How do the moral reasons for favouring one answer weigh against the moral reasons for another answer? Is one set of reasons stronger, and if so, how and why?

4)what, precisely, is the conclusion?

- clearly state or re-state which of the answers analyzed is considered to be the best-the morally best answer. The statement of conclusion is a statement of the best answer overall. The conclusion indicates that the author has provided sufficient proof or reasoning or evidence for the conclusion.

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Reference no: EM1334674

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