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View the documentary on Ida B. Wells, formulate a two page paper that provides a critical analysis of the content of the film. The paper should discuss and examine Ida B. Wells specifically her advocacy and impact. In addition, the paper should provide a thoughtful discussion about the experience of people of African ancestry as it relates to her crusade for justice and white supremacy. 

the documentary can be found at

Reference no: EM131420563

American revolution and the french revolution

In an essay please, compare and contrast the American revolution and the French revolution? Evaluate the causes, aims and outcomes of the revolution that your essay analyzes,

Congress to declare war on mexico

What tensions emerged in the Southwest that threatened to lead the United States into a war with Mexico? On what grounds did President James K. Polk ask Congress to declare

What was significance of battle of lake chud for russian

What was the significance of the battle of the lake Chud for the Russian people? What areas of the Russian life were most affected by the destructive influence of the Mongols?

Discuss the beginnings of the cold war.

Discuss the beginnings of the Cold War.  From the position of a Soviet ruler, how might you have viewed the situation following WWII?  How did the Truman administration attemp

Causes that led to the american revolution

Considering the causes that led to the American Revolution, make a case that the Articles of Confederation were a logical form of government for the revolutionaries to adopt

What should the primary purpose of sport

What were some of the "versions of manliness" embedded into college football in the late19thcentury, and to what degree were they the same as, or different from, the version

Write an essay on global communism and world war i

Write an essay on the following topic- Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment, Global Economies, Atlantic Empires, Industrial Revolution, New Ideologies and Revolutions, Gl

Write a research paper on the spartacus war

Don't worry about the assigned readings part, and I already have one source titled "The Spartacus War" by Barry Strauss so if you can please include that source as 1 of the


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