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Criterion Development, Performance Evaluation, and Appraisal questions

1. What criteria or standards do I/O consultants use when developing selection systems? Include some specific examples of criteria or standards from this week's readings or the literature.

2. What are some of the theoretical issues associated with selection of criteria for measuring the effectiveness of individuals, groups, and organizations? Provide references to support your response.

3. Share the process used to conduct job analyses at your organization. How does your organization conform to acceptable job analysis practices? What are the implications of not conforming to acceptable standards? (If you are not familiar with your organization's process, what process would you suggest?)

4. What is a competency? What is a competency model? How does competency modeling compare to job analysis?

5. Why is it important to measure and evaluate performance in the workplace? What methods do I/O consultants use to measure and evaluate employee performance? Which method is most effective?

6. What are some of the barriers to effective performance evaluation? Provide examples. How might you overcome these barriers?

7. What factors might influence the reliability and validity of assessment results?

8. What are some of the threats to internal validity of assessment results when evaluating the performance of individuals, teams, and organizations? Select two threats. What are some things you could do to reduce these threats.

Reference no: EM1333775

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