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Consider this assignment and post your opinion on ONE of the following questions.

In your opinion, what would the requirements be for someone you would bring into a help desk?

This is second quesrtion

Complete the main portion of this assignment as outlined below. When applicable, adhere to APA formatting and reference guidelines.

You are a member of the Help Desk organization in your company, and you are assigned to a team that is charged with improving your operations. Your manager has asked you to provide some information about the qualities that help desk representatives should possess.

Investigate the library and Internet for information about the skills required to be a successful help desk representative.

Select 2 criteria for good help desk representative attributes:

Describe why these criteria are important to the quality of help desk operations.

Summarize how these skills might be demonstrated in a help desk call scenario.

Provide examples of the negative effects that the absence of these skills might have on a company and its efforts to provide quality support.

Reference no: EM13849589

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