Creative strategies for promoting quality improvement

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Creative Strategies for Promoting Quality Improvement

Each student will identify anursing related practice issue related quality and safety on their unit that could benefit from change and develop an improvement plan utilizing change theory. Theproposed change must impact quality and/or safety, or offer a means of providing care that is morecost effective with no negative impacts on quality or safety. Students will research and analyze theissue,

develop an action plan, and identify an evaluation process. Critical thinking and synthesisof knowledge must be evident in the paper. The paper will be written in APA format following the6th edition requirements. College level writing is expected, with attention to grammar,vocabulary, sentence structure, andspelling.

The student will write a paper and present the content to the class. The paper should reflectthe following:

1.    Identify a practice that would benefit from change. Identification of an issue in which changewould lead to a positive impact on safety and quality, and be financially beneficial. Includes forces drivingthe change.

2.    Identify key change agents. All parties impacted by practice are identified. Change agents areidentified, and their role outlined including their type of power and why (ex has expert power because they area certified skin carespecialists).

3.     Develop a strategy for "unfreezing" current practice. Strategy for unfreezing includes data to be gatheredorreviewed, a clear plan for making others aware of the need for change, and is supported by a referencefor change theory. Identifies restrainingforces.

4.     Develop a strategy for "movement" of the change. Clear steps to implementation are identified;appropriate time lines are provided; includes all impacted by change; goals are specific, measurable,attainable, reasonable, and time sensitive; and related/supported by a reference for change.

5.     Change evaluation: plan to evaluate the change is identified with clear indicators and timelines.

6.     Refreezing: identification of how the results from evaluation will be disseminated and a time line forre- evaluation

7.     References: 2 or more references related to proposed change arecited

8.     APA: Adheres to app APA formatting rules and citations are appropriately referenced intext

9.     Presentation content: issue identified, relational for change, plan for change and evaluation ofchange

10.  Visual aids: appropriate use of PowerPoint orposter

Paper and PresentationRubric:


Possible Points

Points Earned


Identify a practicethat would benefit fromchange




Identify key changeagents




Develop a strategy for "unfreezing" currentpractice




Develop a strategy for "movement" of thechange




















Presentation ofContent
















Reference no: EM131073181

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