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Creation of a thorough job skills analysis (specification) and job description for a management level position to be employed in the software industry (emerging company).The position must be specific. For example, Software Developer, Network Applications Manager, etc.The specific area is your choice.The position will have direct reports: three exempt and two nonexempt level positions. The candidate in this role should possess a high level of knowledge about their specific area, inncluding, but not limited to: strategicplanning, creation and execution of strategic and operational level objectives, budget planning, employee development, etc.The job analysis (specification) and job description should demonstrate original work. Be sure to include all relevant sections within your job description and include any softer skills/behaviors you believe the position requires.

Students must create a list of references that you have used to create the practical applications as required. Each student will take the position of a Human Resources Management professional.

1-Create a document (2-3 pages) that represents the KSAOs for the position you have identified

2-Create a job description for the position you have identified.

Reference no: EM131229797

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