Creating sustainable and effective supply and demand network

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  • Economists argue that successful business depends on creating sustainable and effective supply and demand networks. If you own (manage) a business, how do you create effective demand and effective supply to maximize profit?
  • There are pros and cons of relying on various policy instruments. Assume there is a proposal to raise tax revenue in order to make workers better off. The proposal includes raising the payroll tax paid by firms to use part of the extra revenue to reduce the payroll tax paid by workers. What are its pros and cons? Explain

Reference no: EM131102168

Continue to assume that the u.s. government collects

Continue to assume that the U.S. government collects a 35% tax on all corporate profit earned in the United States and that the Mexican government collects a 20% tax on all co

How many units of labor will the firm hire

The production function is given by F(L) = 6L^(2/3). Suppose that the cost per unit of labor is $8 and the price of output is 4, how many units of labor will the firm hire?

Assess the role of international trade policies

You will write an essay on "Assess the role of international trade policies and their impact on prices and the quantities traded and examine the effect of taxes and tariffs

Find the equilibrium prices and profits

Assume that 3-firms which produce a homogeneous output will compete by choosing prices and the market price P is the minimum of the 3-prices that are chosen.

Single-equation single-fuel demand equation

Provide a simple example of a single-equation single-fuel demand equation that you could estimate using linear regression? Why estimate energy demand models? What sorts of que

Disclose what the book suggests

Disclose what the book suggests once the short-term rate is much cheaper than the long-term in interest rate. Substantiate whether or not that is a normal occurrence or a caus

Globalization and standardization of culture

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the globalization and standardization of culture? Provide at least one specific example of the advantage and at least one specif

Why to propose an alternative incentive program

In 1988, Du Pont's fiber division introduced a new incentive program for its 20,000 employees, including both management and lower-level employees. The novelty of the progra


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