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Q1) You have been asked to present a presentation to law school class on digital crime. After presentation, a student asks why so few people are actually prosecuted for computer crime when these crimes seem to be happening all the time. Give a five-point outline of your response to this question. Assess the impact on preventing crimes from your perspective given these issues.

Reference no: EM1347389

Determining most effective it projects

Not sure what will suit their requirements in achieving better organization between branches by updating their information systems. What will you suggest they do to find out

Explaining responsibility ofconfidentiality to employer

Describe what you must do in such a situation. You know that cost to your present employer will increase if ambiguities are not resolved. Though, you also have a respons

Explaining use of information technologies to act ethically

When it comes to use of information technologies, it is frequently difficult to find out how to act ethically. Consider some of your own use of information technologies.

Storing and compiling a large amount of data

Because information systems are able to store and compile a large amount of data, many people worry that, their private data will end up in the wrong hands. Explain your

Creating modular program to enter monthly costs

Create a modular program which asks the user to enter monthly costs for expenses given incurred from operating his or her automobile.

Collecting information for data dictionary

Pproblems generated by going directly to manager with questions regarding data dictionary entries? Describe to the team member how he can better collect information for the da

Decreasing risk of malicious attacks in personal systems

Security budgets is devoted to decreasing risk of malicious attacks. What threats are you aware of when it comes to the personal systems and systems at job

Knowledge management systems important-modern organization

Describe in scholarly detail why knowledge management systems would be so important to a modern organization where the organization would initiate.


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