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Discussion 1: Sales Promotion" Please respond to the following:

Select two (2) main tools of sales promotion (e.g., sampling and couponing). Suggest one (1) strategy for using each tool in global markets. Provide a rationale to support your suggestion.

Determine two (2) issues or problems that can arise in markets in different countries when doing sales promotion. Next, suggest the manner in which you would mitigate the issues or problems you determined. Provide a rationale to support your suggestion.

Discussion 2: Digital Marketing / Four Seasons Hotel" Please respond to the following:

From the e-Activity, recommend to the Four Season Hotel one (1) strategy that integrates digital media to improve its marketing efforts. Provide a rationale to support your recommendation.

From the e-Activity, Ms. Helstab said. "We've taken a leading position in creating different kinds of engagement opportunities." Assess the degree to which the main types of engagement opportunities based on the available digital opportunities would help the Four Season Hotel to engender business success.

Reference no: EM13873036

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