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Question: Scenario: You are an employee of Cabot Nutrition, a company that manufactures various vitamins, minerals, and other supplements including infant formula. An employee was found to have tampered with infant formula during production, and has since been terminated. On his termination day, the employee became violent and struck his supervisor. Several infants have become ill as a result of the tampering, but all injuries have been reported as non-life-threatening. Two of your employees used this infant formula with their infants, and both infants are ill. You have been tasked with creating a response to this product-tampering crisis.

Create a 12- to 15-slide presentation with speaker notes to senior management detailing your response.

Include the following in your memo:

Describe the crisis in detail, including additional facts that you create and the results of your investigation.

Create a Crisis Management Taskforce, and list the job titles and responsibilities of each member.

Develop a Crisis Management Plan to address this incident and help mitigate/prevent this type of crisis and workplace violence in the future.

Summarize key components of a Workplace Violence Prevention Policy.

Explain how you will communicate your response to this crisis both internally (to the company) and externally (to the public), and include any support or recompensing plans.

Include at least two references.

Reference no: EM132234545

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