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Make A Marketing Plan: You will be creating a Marketing Plan. You have been building pieces of your Marketing Plan each week. This week it is time to put all the pieces together and add the "executive summary". The executive summary is a brief overview of your plan, usually 1 - 2 pages long, and is placed at the beginning section of the Marketing Plan.

You will use your assignments from the previous weeks to complete your Marketing Plan. Additional information may also be used/required. Be sure to incorporate any feedback you may have received from your instructor when submitting your final Marketing Plan.

Your Marketing Plan should include (but is not limited to):

Description of your original product or service

Description of price vs quality of the product

Description of brand information

Discussion of your Break Even (BE) point

Explanation of your supply chain

Discussion on the SWOT analysis

Explanation of your focus group study

An executive summary. (Hint: the item number in this list is the same as the Week where you created this information!)

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