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Develop a two-page written analysis based on the following specification:

1.Problem statement
2.Possible outcomes if no action taken (this one is mine and the only thing i have to do)
3.Alternative actions
4.PMI's rationale for requiring project managers to practice ethical behavior
5.Synthesis tying this concept to the overall business process.

Ed Turner is a software engineer for Acme Defense Systems, a DoD contractor that is responding to a request for proposal (RFP) for a project to develop GPS-enabled targeting software for a new missile system for the military. This application will employ a number of new technologies.

Consolidated Armaments, one of Acme's chief competitors is also in the competition for this contract. Washington has been cutting back on contract awards. Both Acme and Consolidated have very little work left in the pipeline and this contract is vital to Acme's or Consolidated's survival.

The project manager has informed Ed that in order to reduce costs, the durations for system testing are being reduced and that Ed can relax the stringent pinpoint accuracy requirements for the system.

What are the ramifications of this decision? What should Ed do? Based on the instructions above, analyze and prepare a resolution to this case.


Reference no: EM1372602

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