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A) Draw an E-R data model for the Highline University Mentor Program Information System. Use the IE Crow's Foot E-R model for your E-R diagrams. Justify the decisions you make regarding minimum and maximum cardinality.

Your model should track students, advisers, alumni and mentors.

1. Create separate entities for students, alumni, faculty advisers and mentors.

-At Highline University, all students are required to live on campus and are assigned Highline University ID numbers and e-mail accounts in the format The student entity should track student last name, student first name, student University ID number, student e-mail address, dorm name, dorm room number and door phone number.

-At Highline University, all faculty advisors have on-campas offices and are assigned Highline University ID numbers and e-mail accounts in the format The faculty entity should track faculty last name, faculty first name, faculty University ID number, faculty e-mail address, department, office building name, office building room number and office phone number.

-Highline University alumni live off campus and were previously assigned Highline University Id numbers. Alumni have private e-mail accounts in the format The alumni entity should track alumnus last name, almunus first name, alumnus former student number, e-mail address, home address, home city, home state, home zip code and phone number.

-Highline University mentors work for companies and use their company address, phone and e-mail address for contact information. They do not have Highline University ID numbers as mentors. E-mail address is in the format The mentor entity should track mentor last name, mentor first name, mentor e-mail address, company name, company address, company city, company state, company ZIP code and company phone number.

Reference no: EM13902846

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