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Assessment - Portfolio

This portfolio assesses the following learning outcomes:

  • Assess the learning of infants, toddlers and young children with a range of observation techniques.
  • Identify communication skills for children and whanau from diverse cultural background.
  • Reflect on the implications of differing perspectives for own philosophy in an ECE setting.
  • Contribute to the provision of a rich early learning environment.

Instructions - Create a portfolio to record the following from your practical experience at an Early Childhood Centre:

1. Observation Techniques:

Observe three children of different ages using five observation techniques (a total of five observations).

Prior to the observation you will need to gain consent from the child's parent/caregiver and arrange how to share your observations with them.

Observe children's learning based on the five strands: Well-being, communication, contribution, exploration and belonging. Provide photos to support your data, if this is permitted by the ECC.

Ask your Associate Teacher to verify your observations (initial and date).

2. Learning Environment:

Create a physical plan on how you can help provide a rich learning environment for one of the children based on your initial observation findings of the child's strengths and interests. Present one page diagram or outline of your plan.

Choose three of the following learning areas: Blocks, Carpentry, Sandpit, Book corner, Family corner, free play area, Arts and crafts.

Identify culturally appropriate ways you can share the plan with the child, their whanau and your colleagues.

Implement the plan and document feedback from your associate teacher.

3. Reflection:

Evaluate your plan for the rich learning environment in Task 2 above. (How did you feel about your plan? How did the centre's/room's team respond to your plan?)

Compare the Early Childhood Centre's philosophy with your own philosophy. Explain how the similarities and differences impact on your own practice. Link your reflections to Te Whariki.

Word Count: Approx. 300-500 words.

Attachment:- Assignment Files.rar

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    You must achieve at least 50% in this portfolio. It contributes 30% to your final grade for the module. It is important to follow processes for gaining consent, and be transparent with centres and whanau." Need in 300-500 words . Attached PFA for sample. This is how to write observations please and the Te Whariki. Thank Flora. Compare the Early Childhood Centre's philosophy with your own philosophy. Explain how the similarities and differences impact on your own practice. Link your reflections to Te Whariki.

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