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Hefty Hardware Case Study


Once the issues are identified, you can then began to to summarize the situation at Hefty based on the evidence in front of you. There are a number of issues in the case, but you should be able to focus them down to two key challenges which are highlighted in the case.This should be two- three well written paragraphs.

Discussion Questions:

1. How effective is the partnership between IT and the business at Hefty Hardware? Identify the shortcomings of both IT and the business.

2. Create a written plan for how IT and the business can work collaboratively to deliver the Savvy Store program successfully.

Both answers to the questions should be well written and well thought out. This should be two- three well written paragraphs for each question. Please submit the aforementioned assignment as ONE document.To help keep the various reporting and relationship roles straight, I have attached the organization chart.

Reference no: EM131201367

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