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Read the statement below and write a response to it. At least 150 words.

Assessments are a significant tool for teaches to receive feedback on how well their students are not only retaining and able to utilize the information being taught, but aides the teachers with timely feedback on where instruction may need to be differentiated according to each students learning abilities.

We also know that "Access to professional development differentiates teachers who have the knowledge and skills to meet the increasing demands of our diverse student population and those who do not (Joyce & Showers, 2002)." In addition, we know that there are teachers who are staunch advocates of teaching the way they have always taught, regardless of how dated their instruction may be.

Common assessments are also a great instrument for the teacher to use in one's own reflection, to perhaps look at ways that they can develop professionally. A teacher can use an assessment to alter their teaching style or the way that the content was taught, should they see that students are struggling to understand the key take aways or key concepts of the lesson. ­Teachers may also utilize common assessments to engage with their fellow peers "To arrive at a consensus about the appropriateness and quality of assessment items (, 2016)."­

At the forefront of any assessment should be a teacher who wishes to use common assessments to "Check for understanding and create new opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning (Fisher, Frey, 2007)" and increase the students growth.

Old (and ineffective) habits associated with relying on an Initiate-Respond-Evaluate cycle of questioning are supplanted when teachers use questioning to determine what is known and unknown (Fisher, Frey, 2007)."

Reference no: EM131367850

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