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Create a job analysis for a job of your choice that you will work with for the rest of the semester (recommended: choose a job you’re interested in as a possible future career). Conduct a job analysis interview: cannot be with yourself, find someone currently in the position who is willing to sit down and talk about their job. During your interview, ask the respondent to describe their job in terms of the tasks they perform and the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics (KSAOs) needed to perform the tasks. You should also ask them about the relative amount of time spent on different tasks and the importance of various tasks to their job. Write a 2-3 page paper (not including cover page, references, or appendices) that discusses the process you used to conduct your job analysis and why you chose the method(s) you chose. It must be typewritten and follow APA format (12-point font, double-spaced, standard margins) and include proper references when appropriate. I would prefer it to be on HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT.

Reference no: EM131154072

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