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Submit a final expository essay that blends the viewpoints from Units 3 and 4.

Specifically, you will bring together the writing techniques that you have learned throughout the course to compose an expository paper. Exposition is a type of discourse that is used to explain, describe, or inform. In an expository essay, the purpose is to give readers a balanced account of a subject with a neutral, objective tone (usually third-person point of view or voice) and offer the opportunity to incorporate a combination of writing techniques.

Your final capstone project will involve integrating both viewpoints of your selected question topic that you worked with in Units 3 and 4. Your expository essay will present both sides of your controversial issue to explain, describe, and inform your audience using an unemotive, neutral, and objective writing style through the use of third-person voice and APA 6th edition format.

For this final assignment, you will complete the following:

· Step 1: Using the thesis statement, outline, and essay that you developed in Unit 3, revise your content. Be sure to incorporate any instructor feedback and suggestions.

· Step 2: Based on the instructor feedback that you received from Unit 4 (opposing view draft), revise your content.

· Step 3: Integrate elements from Steps 1 and 2 to create an expository paper that reflects your knowledge of both perspectives of your topic question. You will write a balanced account of your chosen topic using an unemotive, neutral, and objective writing style (third-person voice). Be sure to include an updated introduction, an updated thesis statement, clear and logical transitions between supporting paragraphs (based on both sides of the topic question), supporting paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.

· Step 4: Your final submission should include the following elements:
o Title page
o Abstract
o Introduction
o Body
o Conclusion

Your submission should range between 750 and 1,200 words and contain proper APA formatting in addition to the title and abstract pages. Observe APA formatting for margins, spacing, font style, size, running head, and page numbers. For assistance with APA format, including citations and references, revisit your intellipath nodes on APA, read Chapter 3 of your textbook, and review APA materials provided in the AIU Library and Learning Lab. Visit the APA Web site for detailed free tutorials.

Please note: Citations and references are not required for this assignment. However, if you use quotes or paraphrase ideas that are not your own, be sure to provide in text citations and the aligned references.

Reference no: EM131447967

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