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Assignment - create a virtual assistant corporation (10 employees and 1 manager) for first responders home monitoring system. The problem statement is not having collaboration tools to use to make sure that notify all virtual assistance when a case is being worked throughout its completion time (work order work flow). The corporation is new and only support up to 3 virtual assistance at this time -expansion requires people and equipment with a commisioned budget.

Must have the following items:

Title Page
Executive Summary or Abstract
Table of Contents
List of Figures and Tables
Introduction, Background, Problem or Purpose Statement inclued Assumption and Limitation of the study
Review of literature
Research Methology or Description of Project Activity
Findings or Conclusions
Proposed Solution and Implementation, Reference Biography, Appendices and Exhibits
Final Draft
Milestone and Gantt Chart using MS project and Suite
Power Point Presentation that supports the project.

Reference no: EM13872266

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