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Assume you are a manager for a prestigious hotel chain in your area. Over the past five years, you have noticed a steady change in the type of customers you have seen book rooms at your hotel and you have also seen a change in the number of customers staying at your hotel. You may choose the direction you feel your company has taken (positive or negative) for this project.

Do BOTH items 1 and 2:

1. You will create a SWOT analysis to determine what the next steps your company should take to in order to move forward successfully. Your SWOT analysis should include a properly formatted SWOT chart (you may use any program or format of your choice) and should include a two (2) page minimum analysis as to what your findings have been.

2. You will also create a focus group for your company. You will write a two (2) page minimum analysis on the participants, questions, and use for the focus group.

It is recommended that you research current hotel chains to determine the methods they have used and what is/is not working for these companies today. Your work should have a minimum of four (4) written pages that follow proper APA format. Your work should also have a minimum of four (4) outside resources used to support your analysis.

Reference no: EM13787368

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