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"Pseudocode and Flowcharts" Please respond to the following:

  • General knowledge suggests that pseudocode or flowcharts can include clear and obvious logic errors. Give your opinion as to whether you believe it is worth time and effort to include possible logic errors that may arise during the development of an application or whether the focus should be on the end result of the application. Provide at least one (1) situation or scenario to support your position.
  • Suppose you work as a programmer and need to create a shopping Website for an online store. Your coworkers are convinced that developing pseudocode or a flowchart before developing software is extremely unnecessary and a waste of time. Determine whether you agree or disagree with your coworkers, and provide support for your rationale. Provide an example to which your hypothetical coworkers could relate in supporting your position.

Reference no: EM13807124

Create an html form and a corresponding java servlet

Construct an HTML form and a corresponding Java servlet that receives one or many parameters from the form and displays the result in a servlet generated dynamic page.

How this system balanced security and usability

A large, fast-food chain unveiled a new touch screen register for its franchises. Each cashier was assigned a user id and password combination to log in to the register.

Implement a reliable online auction system

In this assignment, you are required to implement a reliable online auction system for multiple users -  You may need to make your own reasonable assumptions and decisions fo

Create a website that will viewed on different-sized devices

For this project, you will be creating a responsive website that will be viewed on three different-sized devices. The following list shows the breakdown of the three devices

Build on your web site with the cascading style sheet

Build on your web site with the Cascading Style Sheet - Follow the instructions carefully: Working from the document you created in week 3 redo the coding to include an intern

Examples of poor typography

Browse the Website for examples of poor typography. Write a short design critique of why the type is confusing or misleading to the user. Make a document with screen shots fro

How digital media has transformed and organization advertise

Discuss how Digital Media has transformed how organizations advertise and market their products and services. Include a historical (before and after digital media). Support

Create a narrative that describes site to prospective client

Create a narrative that describes the site to your prospective client. Create a storyboard diagram depicting the layout of your Website. Create a Cascading Style Sheet (.css)


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