Create a shopping website for an online store

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General knowledge suggests that pseudocode or flowcharts can include clear and obvious logic errors. Give your opinion as to whether you believe it is worth time and effort to include possible logic errors that may arise during the development of an application or whether the focus should be on the end result of the application. Provide at least one (1) situation or scenario to support your position.

Suppose you work as a programmer and need to create a shopping Website for an online store. Your coworkers are convinced that developing pseudocode or a flowchart before developing software is extremely unnecessary and a waste of time. Determine whether you agree or disagree with your coworkers, and provide support for your rationale. Provide an example to which your hypothetical coworkers could relate in supporting your position

Reference no: EM13774868

Particularly like about the style

Write a paper that discusses the following:? What features did you particularly like about the style? ? How suitable do you think the style would be for supporting a mobile de

Explain and develop a web based information system

The Museum of Art and Craft (MAC), is a government sponsored museum. They have contracted you to develop a web based information system (online kiosk). You have been provide

Creating a gaming web page

Build a Web page called "game.html" and add a layer to it, which will be treated as an object, with an picture for its contents. Add another picture which will start the game

Describe what the web service will provide

Using Microsoft PowerPoint, create a proposal to add a Web Service to the web application that you created earlier in this course. Your presentation should at least cover.

Creat a web site for a person or character

Creat a web site for a person or character either real or imaginary.  This project will include many skills. This does not need to be a serious profile feel free to be creativ

Prepare a bitcoin buy-sell website

Prepare a bitcoin buy/sell website add payment methods. Add direct deposit. The user will enter the user ID of his bank username then the bank will ask for security question

Digital media is found throughout all business

Today, digital media is found throughout all business and personal activities making it necessary to have a high level of understanding of both the sources of content, as we

Write an html page that contains a form

Write an html page that contains a form with 4 input boxes (total assignment points so far, total exam/quiz points so far, your assignment points so far and your exam/quiz p


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