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Your project summary should be submitted in MS Word and include the following:

An introduction that details what your project is and why you chose it.

A brief, preliminary outline of your capstone project. That is, create a section heading in the project summary called "Outline" and in that section provide a bulleted list of the main sections that you plan to include in your actual capstone paper. They might include introduction, company background, SWOT, recommendations, conclusion, and, of course, various other sections in the middle.

A paragraph or two detailing what progress you have made on your project so far.

A project plan that briefly outlines what you intend to do each week to ensure timely completion of your capstone project.

A conclusion that wraps the summary up professionally.

This should be a well organized, well written PAPER or MEMO. It MUST have subheadings that organize it. IMPORTANT: This paper should be a full page up to 3 pages. No less than 1 full page. No more than 3 pages. Anything outside those parameters will lose points with 1 exception: U1A1 asks that you include an outline of your final project. If this outline is very detailed (which is great for you) then your summary might wander to a 4th page. :)

Be sure to read U1A1 carefully and hit on all those points, in a well organized, brief paper. Pretend I am a stranger who found this document laying on the ground. I should be able to read it and know exactly what you are planning.

A few specifics:

Post in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format.

Ensure your paper flows well, starting with a solid introduction that tells the reader what to expect of your paper. Ensure you use subheadings, preferably formatted per APA manual p.62. Ensure you have good transitions, good grammar, and at least 2 references used and cited in the text.

The assignment tells you to include an outline of your capstone paper. I don't understand why, but this seems to confuse some people. I get strange things where people give me an outline of THIS summary, or they write the document using roman numerals and making it look like an outline. That's not it. Write the summary as a paper, and in that paper add a section called "outline" where you give me the skeleton of your final capstone paper - something like this:

Cover page


Table of contents


Background of XYZ Company

Ethics (I want a section with "ethics in the title and at least a full page, with citations).

Some other heading

More headings

SWOT analysis

This heading




Reference no: EM131354906

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