Create a report on the start-up of a fictitious company

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Create a report on the start-up of a fictitious company that will deliver a sustainable development project in the UAE.

Choose from a list of products/services given to you by your tutor.

1. You must include an organisational structure, legal structure, and a marketing plan.

a. You must justify your structure design in terms of business theory explored in IFP0500 and your own secondary research.

b. You must explain why this organisation structure and business model has been chosen and why they are most suitable.

c. Your marketing plan should include an indication of pricing strategy.

2. You must also include primary research conducted with the target market population and any other relevant samples, in addition to secondary research on the need for this initiative in the UAE, and potential for profit.

Word count: 1500 (1350-1800) words

Your report should be structured in the following way:

- Title page - The title of the report as above

- Content page - A list of main sections and page numbers on which each begins to help readers identify each section of the report

- Introduction -Identifies the purpose of the report and what the author aims to show or prove- included here is the name of the company and what it does.

- Literature Review - Summarizes existing business research and theory on the topic area and describes the context of the present research

- this is where you include most of your secondary research to show the need and potential of this business in the UAE

- Methods - Explains how the primary data was collected (research methodology). Answers the following prompts:
who, where, when, how, and why? Remember to explain why/how for each of the prompts.

- Results and Discussion- Presents the main findings from primary data and states what was found in the study. The findings are analyzed and results explained with reference to business theory where appropriate. Use charts, tables, and graphs and make sure you explain the relationship between the findings and the business plan.

- Legal Structure, Organisational Structure, and Marketing Plan- Identify how you would set up each of these and justify each choice made in relation to business theory, secondary research, and primary data collected.

- Conclusion- Conclude your report and state what has been proven

- Reference List - An alphabetical list of all the sources used in the research.

Reference no: EM13948470

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