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Planning, Organization, and Best Practices - Creating a proposal for Vi Walker Silver (Links to an external site.) web site.

First: Read Chapters 3. Textbook resources - (Links to an external site.)

This Assignment has 3 parts. You need to put all 3 parts together into 1 document. It can be a Word document or a pdf. You will upload the file to your assign2 folder on the server. Your document can be in outline form, but you need to use concrete details to support your opinions. Discussion postings are essential for this assignment. You will need to post questions and comments in the Assignment Discussion and read all the Discussion postings.

Part I- Planning and Analysis Proposal for the Site

Part II- Diagram of the Site

Part III- Two different storyboards/wireframes of possible visual designs for the site-Restaurant web site home page--home page

Background Information

Vi Walker Silver (Links to an external site.) is a local business that buys and sells sterling silver. They currently have a website- They want their site to be updated and expanded so that their information is clear to their various target audiences. Currently Vi Walker buys Sterling Silver and sells at 3 antique malls and also at local, regional and national antique shows. Eric Lausch runs Vi Walker Silver. Vi Walker will need an About section, Contact section, Appraisals and a place to advertise the sterling silver flatware, hollowware, and other items for sale. Vi Walker also will take high end pieces for consignment.

Please post ideas, suggestions and questions in the Assignment Discussion.

Part I

From postings in the discussion and reviewing their web site (Links to an external site.), you will need to develop a purpose statement, objectives, the competitor sites (3 good ones), the advantage of the site over the competitors, the target audience of the web site and demographics of the users. You will receive additional information about the client's needs through the Assignment Discussion. Details about Part I will be discussed in class or presented in the Assignment presentation.

Part II

Based on Discussion posts in the Assignment forum, you will develop a diagram or site map for the site. You will find information about this in Chapter 3 and from the online presentation. Your diagram should be similar to 3.3, but you should have more detail. Remember to think about "chunking". You don't want your diagram to be too deep or too shallow.

Part III

You will need to create 2 different wireframes (visual layouts) of the home page for Vi Walker Silver. You should have the logo/site title, navigation and text area that will serve as the master page for the whole site. Make sure to look at Chapter 3 pages 94-95 and the presentation and discussion postings for this section. The name of the site and the actual navigation links.

Reference no: EM13963513

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