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Create a personal disaster recovery plan for your home computer/network. You should include those assets, which were to select the operating system of your choice (it may be a mobile OS, if you desire)how they are currently protected, where backups are stored and how they can be retrieved. Once you've completed the plan, do a self-assessment.

Is the plan understandable to the adult users in the home? Are your current protection processes sufficient? Should any changes be made? Remember to cite your sources!

Please put this in a different document.

Select and respond to one of the following. Remember to cite your sources.

1. Search the Internet for web sites that advertise computer forensic tools. Locate reviews for at least four tools and create a chart that list describes the tool, features, cost and support available. Which would you recommend if cost was an issue? Which would you recommend if cost were not an issue?

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Reference no: EM13873785

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