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Create a page for a pizza company where you will have an order form. When saving your page, be sure to choose an appropriate filename. At the top of your page, display the name of your pizza shop, a slogan, and an image. You can display your shop's name using h1 and your slogan using h2.

Create a pizza ordering form with the following fields:

· Name: textbox (you don't need to have separate fields for first and last names)
· Phone: textbox
· Size: select box

o The user viewing your page should see: Small ($10), Medium ($13), Large ($16)
o The values to get passed to the script should be 10, 13, and 16

· Toppings: checkboxes for: Mushrooms, Olives, Sausage
· Special requests: text area
· "Would you like to be added to our e-mailing list?" Radio button with options for yes/no
· Submit button that says: Submit My Order!

o Obviously your form won't do anything at the moment. We'll begin this topic soon.
Other requirements:

· Have a div section with an id called header not to be confused with the head section! This section should contain the compay name, the slogan, and the image.
· Have a div section called footer with the address and phone number of your company.
· Have a div section called main_content that encloses everything else, i.e. everything between the header and footer sections.

Reference no: EM131225706

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