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Assignment Details: You have been hired to create a mobile application for Healthy Life, a local organic bakery and grocery store. The owners want to offer a mobile application to customers that features recipes that contain ingredients that they sell in their store. Over the next few weeks, you will be developing, testing, and deploying the mobile application based on the specifications provided for each assignment. Once completed, you will be demonstrating the mobile application to the client.

The following specification is what the client has requested:

Create a new Android Application Project.

The main screen should state the name of the person who owns the phone.

The recipe application should have a tile or visual shortcut placed in the application list.

The application should have a splash screen that serves as an appropriate graphical advertisement for the application.

The application should use an appropriate template design and application icon image.

Once opened, the main page of the application should use the page name of Healthy Life and a normal full-screen layout using a 2-column grid control in the Content Panel with 4 buttons in the right column and 4 corresponding images in the left column of the grid control. The text of the four buttons should read: Bread, Fruits, Vegetables, and Soup, respectively. Note: In Phase 5, the buttons will be linked to the corresponding recipe category in a local database.

Test your application by running the Android Phone Emulator.

Reference no: EM13760016

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