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1. If you could, what would you do to help create a national "security culture" in which everyone is more knowledgeable and proactive about threats to information security?

2. There have been several incidents of data theft or loss involving personal information held by large companies. As a result, legislation is being discussed that would provide penalties not just for data thieves, but for companies that fail to keep private information secure. Discuss your opinions about this as a group. Are such laws needed? Please give reasons to support your answer.

Reference no: EM131341838

Compare the firms profits under quantity competition

In equilibrium, the firms set identical quantities: Q1 = Q2. Find the firms' equilibrium quantities, prices, and profits. c. Compare the firms' profits under quantity compet

Give major source of capital in most countries is domestic

For a developing country to grow, it needs capital. The major source of capital in most countries is domestic saving, but the goal of stimulating domestic saving usually is

Epidemiological transition of wealthy industrialized nations

Consider the political economy, economic, behavioral and biomedical factors that contributed to the epidemiological transition of wealthy industrialized nations and compare

Does the government collect more or less tax revenue

Show your budget constraint between labor and wages, and show your optimum point.b. Suppose that the tax law is changed so that all wages are subject to a 25% tax. Do you no

How would you rank the three applicants

You are interviewing three candidates for one sales job position. On the basis of your experience and insight, you believe Jane can sell 600 units a day, Joe can sell 450 unit

Business ab create keyboards for laptop computers for sales

Business AB create Keyboards for laptop computers for sales to computer manufacturers (OEMs). Account information shows the total cost of producing four potential quantities o

Number of workers doubles in home

Consider a two-country (home and foreign) two-good (wheat and cloth) world. Let MPLw and MPLc be 4 and 2, respectively. Let L=25. Suppose that the number of workers doubles

Calculation of real and nominal wages

Pam, having recently graduated from college, is looking to work for 2 years before she enters graduate school.  She has received 2 job offers with the following salary struc


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