Create a memo to communicate your proposed changes to staff

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1. List the stakeholders you will consult with to develop your changes. Include how each stakeholder will be affected.

2. Prioritise the changes you have identified, using costs benefit analysis.

3. Develop a Change Management Project Plan for 2 of your identified changes. Create your plan using the following headings;

a) Resource requirements

b) Risk management (including barriers to change and mitigation strategies)

c) Timelines to implement

d) Communication plan (including reporting protocols and feedback)

e) Training plan (to promote the benefits of the change and minimise loss)

f) Review methods

g) Action Plan

4. Create a memo to communicate your proposed changes to staff.

5. Assuming one of your changes is not successful, because of staff resistance, how will you modify your plan to achieve the objectives of your change?

(Answers at least 70 words)

Reference no: EM131217624

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