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I need to create a Literature review concerning Mentoring Leadership and it requires to have :
Remember, your final literature review must meet the following criteria:

Contain an APA formatted cover page with the title of your topic.
Contain an APA formatted abstract with your research topic summarized.
Contain 8-10 pages of content synthesizing the scholarly literature on your topic or research question(s):
a. At least 10 scholarly references should be used.
i. Literature should be no older than 5 years unless you are taking a historical or longitudinal perspective.
ii. Literature should cover differing opinions, viewpoints, and/or schools of thought.
iii. The thought leader, guru, or seminal works should be identified and included. 
iv. Trade publications or opinion pieces should be used sparingly but may be included for a specific purpose such as to show a current event or an industry stance on an issue.
Contain an APA formatted references section.

If I could have it by noon Sunday to review that would be great. 

Reference no: EM13735774

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