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Help! Using VB.Net, create a Florida state information system. Requirements:
1. Use an image of Florida and display it as a panel.
2. 10 cities displayed in their approximate location on the image.
3. Display information about the cities by: a. using a listbox or combobox to display the names of the cities and clicking on the name in the list box b. Clicking on (or near) the city label on the state image
4. Create and use a Microsoft Access Database from which the program will retrieve the city information. Include 1 table with 5 fields per row, and 10 rows of data (cities).
5. Display the following types of data for each city on a separate form: a. Population b. Date founded c. Interesting fact d. URL to webpage about the city
6. Ability to search for a city by name.
7. Splash screen, about box, main form, and city information form all needed
8. Clear names in the program (variables, objects, events, functions, etc.)
9. Descriptive comments in source code
10. Descriptive name and labels on all forms/windows
11. Screen shots of all forms with explanation of system operation.

Reference no: EM13307749

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